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Microsoft November 2022

Information on the latest updates from Microsoft that will affect your business.


This month Microsoft has lots of new features and feature enhancements.

Microsoft Teams Updates


1. Teams Premium-Advanced Virtual Appointments

How this will affect your organisation:

The Virtual Appointments app in Microsoft Teams includes a comprehensive dashboard that provides a quick view of an employee's schedule as integrated with Bookings. It is further enhanced with Teams Premium which unlocks a snapshot into the queue of appointments, a summary of appointment analytics, and options to manage appointments.

You can read details about the Advanced Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams features here.

This feature is part of the new Teams Premium license: Introducing Microsoft Teams Premium, the better way to meet | Microsoft 365 Blog

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 1.58.41 pm
When this will happen:
We will begin rolling out early December 2022 and expect to complete by mid-December 2022.
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out early February 2023 and expect to complete by mid-February 2023.


2. Users ability to delete chats


How this will affect your organisation:

Users can now delete 1:1 chats, group chats, and meeting chats if they are a participant in Microsoft Teams. This permanently deletes the chat only for the user, other people in the chat and conversation history for them is not impacted.


Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 2.01.18 pm


When this will happen:
Early December and expect to complete rollout by mid-December.


Admin Updates


1. SharePoint Tenant URL Rename - General Availability 


How this will affect your organisation:

As announced at Ignite 2022, the ability to rename your SharePoint domain URL is generally available to organizations that have less than 10,000 total sites (including OneDrive and SharePoint sites).

If you are interested in renaming your SharePoint tenant URL, review our public documentation to learn more about it and how to get started.

When this will happen: